There has been a lot of talk about an adaptation of The Silmarillion lately, with The Hobbit movies drawing to an end. Many fans of Jackson’s movies want to see movies based on The Silmarillion, although anyone who knows the text could tell you a movie (or a trilogy) based on the book would be impossible. There’s 20+ stories and hundreds of characters in the book spanning over 500 years. The other option people have suggested is a television series, a lot like Game of Thrones. Now even though I do not think the style of HBO or Game of Thrones suits Tolkien at all, a television series, either live action or animated, would be the only way to get close to doing the book justice.

So, sounding like it would be fun, I decided to try my own hand at fitting the Silmarillion into seasons and episodes. I had to add things and cut things, but I tried to be as faithful as possible while expanding the material to fit into the constraints and requirements for television episodes. Now, this is not a pitch, nor is it a serious attempt at building support for a Silmarillion adaptation. I would not want Peter Jackson or Warner Bros. to get anywhere near The Silmarillion or Tolkien’s other books, nor would I want HBO to try their hand at it. This is something I did for fun, which I thought Tolkien fans might enjoy reading, giving feedback and thinking of how they might do it differently. Despite this, I would enjoy a Silmarillion TV series if done in association with the Tolkien Estate and given the respect it deserved, something that was not done with The Hobbit movies.

The series is split into six seasons, covering the entire Silmarillion with parts from Unfinished Tales and The History of Middle-Earth added. The six seasons are: The Fall of the Noldor, The Ruin of Beleriand, The Tale of Beren and Luthien, The Children of Hurin, The War of Wrath and Akallabeth.

Click on a season in the menu to read that season.

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. very good idea and script but i agree with being maglor the one who tells the story but i think if maglor would of tell the story to elrond, it would be when elrond was a kid, because is too important for elrond not knowing about it for ages


    • The point is that this would be the first time that Maglor told the ‘real story’ from his point of view to anyone still living in the Third Age. He would have told Elrond parts of his life during the time Elrond was fostered by him but not the full truth, especially not the parts about the Kinslayings. Elrond would know a lot of the First Age from accounts by Galadriel, Celebrimbor, Gil-Galad and so on but not from the more ‘grey’ point-of-view of the Sons of Feanor.


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