– This is a not-for-profit website.

– I do not own any storylines, characters, images, music or videos used on this site. All credit goes to J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien and the artists listed on each page.

– This is a fan-made treatment of a possible TV series based on The Silmarillion.

– I am well aware of the rights situation.

– This is not a pitch.

– I do not wish Peter Jackson, Warner Bros, HBO or anyone else to consider making this. It is purely fan-made for fun.

– Cover art: Two Trees of Valinor by beregond3019


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  1. You really have a chance, if the Estate remembers previous productions with the BBC, after the fuss over New Line dies down over the next decade. Maybe sometime in the late 20’s. I thought that this should have been produced by the BBC when I first read The Silmarillion in the mid-Seventies.

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  2. Great idea and I like your storyline. I always imagined King Dior Eluchil like Thranduil as rendered by Lee Pace. But will you ever find someone to represent Maedhros and his brothers? I like Caranthir, although I want to kick his butt, most of the time. And I really believe in the version where one of the twins gets burnt along with the ships. Féanor should be played by Tom Hiddlestone, as a maniac. A mammoth project!


  3. When I saw this I was hella excited and maybe a tad bit disappointed because I thought it was real but I love the work you’ve put into it trying to make a storyline out of the Silmarillion. One thing I’m quite conflicted over is the Celeborn/Galadriel part; weren’t they supposed to meet up in Beleriand? Like Celeborn to my knowledge has never seen the two trees, of the Sindar only Thingol might has?


    • There are conflicting stories about Galadriel and Celeborn. In the published Silmarillion Christopher Tolkien chose the Doriath version but in Unfinished Tales (The History of Galadriel and Celeborn) there’s a version where they meet in Alqualonde and Galadriel goes her own way to Middle-earth instead of crossing the Helcaraxe. It gave Galadriel more to do rather than just being one of the crowd so I included that version, I find it more interesting.


  4. Anybody here is up for the challenge? I’m a film maker, and I’d love to make a pilot episode of this! Especially now that Lotr is getting relaunched as a tv show. I think a great pilot would be Feanor’s ‘rebellion’ and the Nordor’s return to Beleriand.


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