Season 4 Episode 1 – Lalaith

Season 4 begins immediately after Season 3. It covers the entire story of The Children of Hurin, along with Tuor’s Coming to Gondolin. The story of the Noldor takes a back seat this season, the remaining Noldor appearing relatively few times compared to past seasons. Other storylines covered include Idril and Maeglin, The Wanderings of Hurin, the Nauglamir and Dior and Nimloth.

Prologue – Rivendell

  • Maglor finally comes to Elrond’s home, Rivendell. Here he tells Elrond and his bright-eyed daughter Arwen the tales of Turin and Tuor.



  • Morwen and Rian care for their children, Turin, Lalaith and Tuor, awaiting word of their husbands.
  • Rian cannot stay in Dor-lomin and leaves to find Huor. She refuses to leave Tuor in Dor-lomin and brings him to the elves of Mithrim.
  • Lalaith becomes ill with the plague.
  • Turin helps Sador with his work. When Turin brings him tools he has stolen, Sador tells him to return them and not to steal.



  • Rian is told of Huor’s death by Fingon’s folk. She abandons Tuor and wanders alone in the wild.


  • Morgoth chains Hurin to a chair on the foremost peak of Thangorodrim, cursing his kin and forcing him to watch their fate through his eyes after Hurin refuses to give up the location of Gondolin.
  • Gwindor is forced into labour.



  • Turgon is crowned High King of the Noldor. A headstone is erected for Fingon beside Fingolfin’s grave.


  • Easterlings invade the broken realms of Hithlum and Dor-lomin. Many elves and men are forced to flee, many more become slaves.
  • Annael leads his men and young Tuor out of Mithrim and into the caves of Androth.



  • Only three men return from the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.
  • Lalaith dies. A small funeral is held, but shortly after Easterlings ransack their homes.
  • Morwen hides Turin from the Easterlings, as he is the heir of Hador.
  • Morwen along with Sador send Turin away under cover of darkness with two guards. They are ordered to take him to Doriath.

First Appearances – Tuor, Brodda, Asgon, Arwen, Grithnir, Gethron

Deaths – Lalaith, Emeldir

Adapted from chapters ‘Of the Fifth Battle’ and ‘Of Turin Turambar’ from The Silmarillion, ‘Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin’ and ‘Narn i Chin Hurin’ from Unfinished Tales and ‘The Battle of Unnumbered Tears’, ‘The Words of Hurin and Morgoth’ and ‘The Departure of Turin’ from The Children of Hurin.


  • Hurin’s Family – Anna Kulisz
  • Lalaith – Ted Nasmith
  • Turin and Labadal – Catherine Chmiel
  • Hurin in his Chair – Alan Lee
  • Tuor in Caves of Androth – ?

2 thoughts on “Season 4 Episode 1 – Lalaith

  1. I have thought about the production of a Children of Hurin adaption, and I believe that, in capacity of modern television material, CoH is likely to be seen to be a depressing story. I suggest that in remedy, the plan of a Hurin alone season be abandoned, and instead a conjoined tale of Hurin/Huor and Turin/Tuor that runs two seasons be presented.

    Here’s a proposed schedule:
    First Conjoined Season-Nirnaeth Arnodiad (Hurin and Huor’s visit to Gondolin having already been shown) to Turin’s coming to prominance in Nargothrond.
    Second Conjoined Season-the fall of Nargothrond and coming of Tuor to Gondolin (including the chance spying by Tuor of Turin) through the ending of that season you had.

    This gets out of the drawbacks of a season invested with so many dead ends.


    • I don’t understand what you mean. There is no ‘Hurin alone’ season and what you propose as a conjoined tale is simply moving the Battle of Unnumbered Tears into this season.

      What dead ends are you talking about? If you mean the character deaths well they are going to happen in your plan anyway.

      The majority of television these days is depressing and cynical. The Children of Hurin at least is depressing because the story is sad, not because it goes out of it’s way to show how awful all it’s characters are a la Game of Thrones.
      And running concurrently is one of the more uplifting Silmarillion stories in Tuor-Idril and the birth of Earendil.

      I think my seasons are fine the way they are.


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